Another Day, Another Daisy

Lucky #13!  I just began my 13th week of retirement.  I’m still settling into the luxuries that this early retirment affords me, and most days, I have an ah-ha moment of just what retirement means…

  • having the time to read an entire cookbook from start to finish — I mean, who does that!?
  • and then actually trying some of those new recipes!
  • stopping and having conversations with grocery clerks, strangers in line, etc…. but wait, is that really new for me?  *grin*
  • finally, finally sleeping again — and without medication!
  • cleaning out and organizing every drawer and closet… purging is freeing… JUST DO IT!
  • spending a full hour photographing one, single daisy and never quite getting it right, but knowing there will be another day and another hour to try again
  • having the opportunity to sit on our back porch as I type this, and watch a huge flock of wild turkeys walk past me, not ten feet away

My heart is filled with gratitude.